Continuation of 5th Olympic Expedition – day by day

BaltiCCycle 2022 – from the Iguazú Falls to Tokyo
Day of rideDateDay of weekkmDay route
SECTION II: the Iguazú Falls to Salta, February 12 – March14, 2022 (31 days)
112.02SaArrival to Puerto Iguazú. Welcome party
213.02SuExcursion to the Iguazú National Park
314.02M9Puerto Iguazú – AR/BR border – Foz do Iguacu. Excursions
415.02Tu14Foz do Iguaçu – BR/PY border – Ciudad del Este (excursion)
516.02W85Ciudad del Este – José Domingo Ocampos
617.02Th96José Domingo Ocampos – Itacurubi
718.02F96Itacurubi – Sapucai
819.02Sa87Sapucai – Asunción
920.02SuREST DAY
1021.02MREST DAY. Excursion
1122.02Tudeparture by boat (the Paraguay River)*
1223.02Wby boat
1324.02Thby boat
1425.02Farrival to La Victoria
1526.02Sa63La Victoria – Estancia Obraje
1627.02Su78Estancia Obraje – Estancia San Elisa – crossroad (wild camping)
1728.02M90crossroad – Loma Plata – Filadelfia
1801.03Tu75Filadelfia – Mariscal Estigarribia
1902.03W80Mariscal Estigarribia – Estancia Los Hijos
2003.03Th89Estancia Los Hijos – Las Mercedes
2104.03F77Las Mercedes – PY/BO border – Puerto Sucre
2205.03Sa104Puerto Sucre – Villamontes
2306.03SuREST DAY
2407.03M101Villamontes – Yacuíba – BO/AR border – Salvador Maza
2508.03Tu82Salvador Maza – Coronel Corneo
2609.03W110Coronel Corneo – Riacho Seco
2710.03Th90Riacho Seco – Rio Negro
2811.03F79Rio Negro – Jujuy
2912.03SaREST DAY. Excursion to Cerro de los Siete Colores (the Hill of Seven Colors)
3013.03Su96Jujuy – Salta
3114.03MREST DAY. Excursion
SECTION III: Salta to Valparaiso (Santiago de Chile), March 15 – April 12, 2022 (29 days)
3215.03Tu63Salta – Parador Sunchal
3316.03W77Parador Sunchal – Payogasta
3417.03Th77Payogasta – San Martín
3518.03F92San Martín – Cafayate
3619.03Sa82Cafayate – Chañar Punco
3720.03Su112Chañar Punco – Hualfín
3821.03MREST DAY
3922.03Tu78Hualfín – Londres
4023.03W99Londres – San Blas
4124.03Th84San Blas – Parador Famatina
4225.03F63Parador Famatina – Miranda
4326.03Sa90Miranda – The Talampaya National Park
4427.03SuREST DAY. Visiting the Talampaya National Park
4528.03M80The Talampaya National Park – the Ischigualasto Regional Park
4629.03TuREST DAY. Visiting the Ischigualasto Regional Park
4730.03W91The Ischigualasto Regional Park – Huaco
4831.03Th82Huaco – Arroyito camping
4901.04F73Arroyito camping – Cristo Redentor Tocota
5002.04Sa82Cristo Redentor Tocota – Calingasta
5103.04SuREST DAY
5204.04M85Calingasta – wild camp
5305.04Tu90wild camp – Punte de Picheuta
5406.04W62Punte de Picheuta – Las Cuevas
5507.04Th91Las Cuevas – AR/CL border – San Felipe
5608.04F82San Felipe – San Pedro
5709.04Sa48San Pedro – Valparaíso
5810.04SuREST DAY. Pam Sunday & visiting Valparaíso
5911.04Mtransfer to Santiago de Chile
6012.04TuREST DAY. Visiting Santiago de Chile
SECTION IV: Around the Big Island (Hawai'i) – canceled
62arrival to the Big Island (Hawai'i)
6349The Kohanaiki Beach Park – The Spencer Beach Park
6468The Spencer Beach Park – Hawi – Waimea
6541Waimea – The Mauna Kea Recreation Area
6668cycling to Mauna Kea peak (4207 m)
67105The Mauna Kea Recreation Area – The Isaak Hale Park
6875The Isaak Hale Park – Namakanipaio camping
69REST DAY. Visiting the Volcanoes National Park
70REST DAY. Visiting the Volcanoes National Park
7199Namakanipaio camping – The Miloli`and Beach park
7281The Miloli`and Beach Park – The Kohanaiki Beach Park
73Visting the park
SECTION V: Wakkanai to Hakadote (Hokkaido Island) July 09 – August 3, 2022 (26 days)
7509.07Saarrival to Wakkanai
7610.07Su96Wakkanai – Hamatonbetsu
7711.07M93Hamatonbetsu – Niupu
7812.07Tu87Niupu – Monbetsu
7913.07W104Monbetsu – Abashiri
8014.07Th86Abashiri – The Shiretoko National Park
8115.07FREST DAY. Visiting the Shiretoko National Park
8216.07Sa92The Shiretoko National Park – Odaitomisakicho
8317.07Su104Odaitomisakicho – Nosappu Cape
8418.07M89Nosappu Cape – Kiritappu Cape
8519.07Tu85Kiritappu Cape – Toro
8620.07W60 Toro – The Akan National Park
8721.07ThREST DAY. Climbing Me-Akan-Dake (Female Mountain) 1499 m
8822.07F98The Akan National Park – the Nukabira Lake
8923.07Sa64the Nukabira Lake – Sahoro
9024.07Su75Sahoro – Niniu
9125.07M97Niniu – Sapporo (Ebetsu)
9226.07TuREST DAY. Visiting Sapporo
9327.07W101Sapporo (Ebetsu) – Bikuni
9428.07Th84Bikuni – Iwanai camping
9529.07F82Iwanai camping – the Toya Lake
9630.07Sa92the Toya Lake – Toyohama
9731.07Su82Toyohama – Taisei camping
9801.08M76Taisei camping – Yonotai onsen
9902.08Tu63Yonoyai onsen – Hakodate
10003.08WREST DAY
ECTION VI Oma to Tokyo (Honshu Island) August 4 – 21, 2022 (18 days)
10104.08Th110 (69)Hakodate – by ferry– Oma – Mutsu
10205.08F92Mutsu – Asamushi
10306.08Sa90Asamushi – the Towada Lake
10407.08Su76the Towada Lake – the Kumazawa River
10508.08M98the Kumazawa River – Hanamaki
10609.08Tu121Hanamaki – Goishi Coast
10710.08WREST DAY
10811.08Th90Goishi Coast – Shizukawa Bay
10912.08F92Shizukawa Bay – Sendai
11013.08Sa105Sendai – Fukushima
11114.08Su78Fukushima – the Inawashiro Lake
11215.08M72the Inawashiro Lake – Minamiaizu
11316.08Tu79Minamiaizu – Nikko
11417.08WREST DAY
11518.08Th65Nikko – Midorishi Kodairanosato camping
11619.08F59Midorishi Kodairanosato camping – the Yanaka Lake
11720.08Sa87the Yanaka Lake – Tokyo
11821.08SuVisiting Tokyo. Farewell party
* The boat once a week schedule depends on many circumstances. If it be impossible to take a boat we will cycle an alternative route from Asuncion to Salta.