Hawai’i – Conditions of Participation

BaltiCCycle (BC) is not a commercial tour, all organizers are volunteers, and the collected registration fee goes only to cover organizational expenses. Each route is different; therefore, it is impossible to work out all details in advance. By joining BC you become a part of the team, and we expect from you goodwill and a right understanding of our principles and rules. Your assistance in organizing the daily program and solving all difficulties is highly appreciated.

Notes. The ride will happen on the conditions we offer below if enough participants – at least 10 covering all parts of the route – register for the tour. We must know it in advance (for booking ferries, campsites, car hire, flights, etc.); therefore, the deadline for registration is fixed at 25 November 2022, three months before the start day. If we do not collect enough participants the current ride conditions can be changed. After registering you will be regularly informed by email about the registration progress. Knowing the exact number of participants is very important because we have to obtain permits to enter national parks and campgrounds as early as possible; otherwise, we can lose the campsite place.
The ride is open to everybody but before signing you should think about your mental and physical capability to complete it not making problems for yourself and the group.
BC participants gather for the ride from different countries. We recommend bringing on your bike a national flag or another symbol so that local people could see us as an international friendly cycling community. Our Olympic rides are organized under the honorary patronage of the Polish Olympic Committee and we will carry its symbols, too.

Organizational rules. We try to keep our organizational principles similar to the previous BC tours.

Arrival/Departure. Costs of the arrival/departure are not included in the participation fee. You can join and finish the ride at any point of the route, and you have to plan how to do it. We can pick you up for the additional fee within a radius of 50 km (100 km both ways, 5 € per 10 km). You should contact the ride organizers by phone or email at least two days before. Though the ride schedule is fixed the real dates can be slightly shifted (plus/minus 2-3 days) because of bad weather conditions or other unexpected obstacles. Have it in your mind when planning your arrival.
There are no direct flights from Europe to Hawaii but there are many options with 1 or 2 stops. You have to look for flights to Kona airport (KOA) on the Big Island and return from the Honolulu airport on O’ahu Island. For interisland flights look at the information here.

Visas. You have to check if you need visas at your country’s consulate. If you are a citizen or national of one of the Visa Waiver Program countries you have to apply for ESTA. Your passport should be valid for at least 1 year ahead from the start of the ride. You can be asked to show your back ticket and financial sources.

Flights. We will use the following interisland flights:

Ticket prices are not included in the membership fee. You can purchase tickets yourself or ask organizers to do it for you. The prices for one flight can vary depending on the day of purchase from 60 USD up to 100 USD, additionally for the bike 35 USD. We are trying to arrange bicycle transport from one island to another by cargo flights (if we succeed it will be no need to pack the bicycle).

Ferries. We will use the ferry to cross from Maui Island to Lanai and return. The ticket price is not included in the membership fee, and you have to pay for it during the ride. We will book tickets for the group in advance. The approximate fare for this ferry according to 2022 prices is 30 USD one way.

Catering. It is highly recommended to bring along a gas stove for preparing meals at campsites. There will be parts of the route without restaurants and supermarkets. Entering unpopulated areas, it will be a possibility to carry some reserve of products as well as drinkable water in our van.

Vaccination. You must have a covid passport and bring with you the International Certificate of Vaccination (the yellow booklet) with the necessary confirmations. The vaccination/medicine to be active must be taken a few weeks before your start. No obligatory vaccinations (except covid) to enter Hawaii, but there are some recommended here.

Necessary equipment and documents:

Children until 18. Children can take part in the ride only together with parents (one or both) or another adult who is authorized by the notary to take care of and is fully responsible for the juvenile.

Luggage transport. We strongly recommend carrying all necessary personal stuff in the panniers on your bike. The service of luggage transportation by the support car is limited to 25 kg; it is included in the registration fee. You should be ready to carry all your stuff for a few days on the bike in case of problems with our support car or some other unexpected circumstances. Neither organizers nor drivers are responsible for the safety of your luggage. You should insure your luggage personally.

Membership fee. We fixed a membership fee of 35 € per diem. It is higher than BC standards because of very expensive accommodation and car rental costs. You have to indicate the number of days you plan to travel in the table of the Registration Form, and your membership fee will be counted automatically. To organize the whole event with less trouble we ask everybody who has the intention to take part in the expedition to fill out the Registration Form as soon as possible.If the registration and the half of membership fee are not received until November 25, 2022, the whole fee increases by 15% automatically as well as all discounts are canceled. The second half of the participation fee must be paid before February 1, 2023; otherwise, it increases by 15% as well. We can’t give a guarantee of participation for these who will register after November 25, 2022.

The membership fee includes:

Discounts. The discounts are applicable only if the Registration Form and at least the half of membership fee is received no later than November 25, 2022. Discounts don’t accumulate.

Emergency Fund. Hawaii is a very busy and expensive tourist destination with strict regulations. It is impossible to evaluate in advance all expenses; therefore, we create the Emergency Fund, which money will be used only in the case of unexpected situations (for example, car accident, penalties, robbery, losing the place in the campsite, etc.). Your deposit is 5 € multiplied by the number of your participation days. The unused part of your deposit will be returned back in 60 days after the ride finish.

Additional paid service (optional):

booked by registration;

booked during the ride:

Resignation rules. The date of resignation is fixed up when the resignation letter is received by organizers: before the ride by email bc2022@bicycl.lt or bc2023@bicycle.pl, during the ride, it should be delivered to the leaders of the expedition and confirmed by them. The date is important because it determines the amount of the refund. The membership fee is returned in the following manner:


Honour Patronage. ThePolish Olympic Committee.