October 8-10, 2021

The reunion gathered 33 people: 24 from Lithuania, 5 from Poland, 2 from Germany and 2 from Latvia.

The traditional BC-meeting will be held in Poland, near the border with Lithuania, in the Suwałki Region, by the Sejwy lake (100 ha). The place is rich in natural, historical and cultural attractions. It is a former land of the Yotvingians, mostly inhabited by Lithuanians:

Yotvingians-Prussian settlement (nearby)
Puńsk, the capital of Lithuanians minority in Poland (3-5 km)
– natural reserves of beavers: Bobruczek, Marycha
Krasnogruda, the village with the 17th manor, the place important for Czesław Miłosz, the Polish writer who won the Nobel prize in 1980
Sejny, the town with multicultural history, architecture

Recreation and Entertainment Centre “Šilainė”
Oszkinie 41
(30 km from Suwałki)  

How to arrive
– Suwałki – Szypliszki – Puńsk – Oszkinie
– Suwałki – Trakiszki – Oszkinie
– Łoździeje – Sejny – Puńsk – Oszkinie
– Budzisko – Szypliszki – Puńsk – Oszkinie
– bus from Suwałki or Sejny to Trakiszki, from the bus stop 2 km to Oszkinie
– the host offers transfer from the Kaunas airport (KUN)

October 8 (Friday)
afternoon / evening: arrival
19:00 welcome fire / grill (depends on the weather)

October 9 (Saturday)
8:30 -9:00 breakfast
9:30-16:00 bike excursion
16:00-19:00 saunas, kayaking, fishing, horses, boats etc.
19:00-24:00 dinner, slide shows and films from the 2021 expeditions, presentation of BC 2022 plans

October 10 (Sunday)
8:30-9:00 breakfast
10:30 Puńsk sightseeing

The participation fee:

– one day package (1 night, 2 meals – breakfast & dinner) – 21 euro (95 zł)
– two days package (2 nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners) – 42 euro (190 zł)
– organization fee – 6 euro (25 zł)
– putting own tent with possibility using bathroom inside the building – 5 euro per day/per person (20 zł) – and ordering meals (5-7 euro each, 20-30 zł)

There are 5 bicycles for rent for free.
You can order (for money) yourself: horse riding, boats, kayaks, pedal boats, canoe.

Special attractions for the group:

You can ask a local coordinator, Biruta Czepla, about details of the offer: +48 693291386,

Maryla Zielińska +48 663 266 553 or Sigitas Kučas +37068659375.

We need the following data from you:
• given name and surname;
• dates of arrival and departure, how many nights;
• which room (there are 2-, 3- and 4-beds) and how many beds;
• do you need breakfast and dinner, how many;
• telephone, e-mail;
• from what country/city are you coming and what kind of transport;
• are you interested in banya or dry sauna, or the package.
After the registration, you will receive a confirmation with the amount of payment.


The participation fee you have to pay to the account of (add „the reunion in Oszkinie”):

CROTOS Travellers Association
ING Bank Śląski
nr PL77105010411000002305516409


GMPR Lithuanian Fund
IBAN: LT83 7044 0600 0115 2710

or in cash.