Rules of responsibility

After signing the registration for
the BaltiCCycle I take responsibility:

  • I confirm that all information in the registration is correct;
  • I will pay my participation fee within the indicated period;
  • I am familiar with “Tour Conditions”;
  • I will keep the “Statute of the Traveller” during the BaltiCCycle;
  • I will keep the traffic rules and the indications of the Tour organisers;
  • I understand, that not keeping these rules may result the exclusion from the Tour.


I agree that:

  • in case of an accident all questions of responsibility and recompensing are certified between the tour’s participant and the third party directly (with help of the tour organisers), if they do not depend on the service staff of the tour;
  • the tour organisers can not be hold responsible for:
  1. weather conditions, roads (specially not non paved ones) and the technical conditions of bicycle paths;
  2. cases of accident with other participants of traffic (cars, cyclists, pedestrians etc.);
  3. disappeared property of the tour’s participants;
  4. damage made from/to other tour participants, because they are responsible for it by themselves (for non-adults accompanying persons are responsible);
  5. non valid personal documents of the participant (for crossing borders a valid passport is necessary);
  6. damages at the participant’s bicycle;
  7. force majeur.