Around the Baltic Countries

Vilnius – Tallinn – Riga – Vilnius

June 16 – August 14, 2018

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1918 was very important year for the Baltic States history. After hundreds of years of Russian occupation and russification Baltic people declared and achieved independence. Unfortunately, twenty years later when Europe was divided by the infamous Nazi-Soviet Pact, the Baltic States have been occupied again and experienced all monstrosities of 50 years communist regime. But the years of Independence between the First and Second World Wars formed values of strong national identity in our minds which helped to survive, and finally led to the Singing Revolution – States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia restored again. We think that Baltic lands and nations would vanish from the world maps if not these fateful historical dates:

1918 02 16 – Act of Independence of Lithuania

1918 02 24 – Estonian Declaration of Independence

1918 11 18 – Proclamation of Independence of Latvia

Sharing the same fate we decided to celebrate the 100 anniversary together joining and surrounding the Baltic States by our bicycle wheels. We will start the ride on June 16 in Vilnius at the House of Signatories and after 60 days finish it at the same place.

During the ride we will celebrate also the 20 years of the Great Millennium Peace Ride, which started on Hiroshima Memorial Day – August 6 – in Seattle, USA, and finished on the Eve of New Millennium in Hiroshima, Japan. Peace ride participants from different countries of the world are invited to join the ride.