On August 14 we have accomplished the second BaltiCCycle 2018 expedition “Around the Baltic States” devoted to 100 anniversary of Independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The 60-days route from Vilnius to Tallinn, Riga and back to Vilnius attracted 79 participants from 12 countries: Lithuania (24), Poland (21), Latvia (10), Ireland (8), Germany (5), Austria (3), Great Britain (2), Turkey (2), Belarus (1), Estonia (1), Scotland (1), and USA (1).

Five people cycled the whole route: Sonja Wotzel (Austria), Horst Radmer (Germany), Vaidas Barakauskas (Lithuania), Sigitas Kučas (Lithuania), and Bob Laing (Scotland). This year we had many guest for 1-2 days (almost 20) and 11 families. The approximate duration or participation was 2 weeks. Women – 24, men – 55. The youngest participant was 6 years!

Three from four persons who cycled the whole The Great Millennium Peace Ride came to Jurbarkas to celebrate 20 anniversary of the beginning of the ride (1998, August 6) in Seattle.