BC 2006


the international bicycle ride to promote EuroVelo No10

2006.06.30 – 2006.09.08

Copenhagen 06.30 – Rostock 07.03 – Gdańsk 07.13 – Kionigsberg 07.17 – Klaipėda 07.20 – Ventspils 07.25 – Tallinn 07.31 – Sankt Peterburg 08.09 – Helsinki 08.16 – Stockholm 08.26 – Copenhagen 09.08


We will start in Copenhagen on June 30 and in 71 days make over 4000 km cycling along the Baltic seacoast and visiting all nine Baltic Sea countries: Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden. The major part of the route follows the EuroVelo No 10 which is under development and already signed in some countries. The route does not encircle the Curonian Lagoon going along the spit of Neringa, also the Gulf of Riga crossing by ferry to the remote islands of Saaremaa and Hiuumaa, as well as the Gulf of Bothnia passing through the Aland archipelago.

The route meets the sea culture of different nations living here from the historical times until nowadays and gives an opportunity to discover the diversity and charm of wild nature reserves, virginal beaches, small fishing villages and big harbor towns, single lighthouses on sand dunes and stone piers, old castles as well as high civilized modern resorts.

The ride is organised on the basis of the BaltiCCycle principles. The daily distances are 60-90 km, and one day of rest in a week. Every morning you receive a map with the day’s route, the marked places of interest and the sleeping place info. The day’s schedule and the cycling speed is up to you: you can cycle individually or enjoy a friendly atmosphere of smaller or bigger group.

You are welcome to join the ride for any distance in any place of the route – for one day, one month or the whole tour!