Turkey and Cyprus

coordinator Sigitas Kucas

08.26-28 (Sunday – Tuesday)
From the Bulgarian-Turkish border to Istanbul.

08.28-31 (Tuesday – Friday)
2 p.m. – a ferry from Istanbul to Bodrum.

09.01 (Saturday)

12.00 – a ferry arrives to Bodrum; looking around and may be continue to Datca – it is a small town around a beautiful port.

09.02 (Sunday)
Datca – Marmaris, 70 km
Take the only road which leads inland from the port and turn left on a bigger crossing. The first part (about 20km) is flat, but then you will cycle on a spectacular coastal road high up into the mountains, and up and down again and again till you reach Marmaris. There are attractive beaches around Aktur. The road is in excellent state.
09.03 (Monday)
Marmaris – Mugla, 54 km

Immediately after Marmaris you will have to climb a low mountain pass; the the road is flat. After 20km you will come to the main road from Izmir to Antalya; it is in not so good condition and there is more traffic.

09.04 (Tuesday)
Mugla – Köycegiz, 60 km
Some ups and downs to Köycegiz.

09.05 (Wednesday)
Köycegiz – Fethiye – Öludeniz, 90 km
If you leave Köycegiz be careful to take the road leading left to the south to avoid a detour. After 2km you will be on the main road to Fethiye. There are two mountain passes today; the first is rather demanding. There is a tunnel, but you are not allowed to pass it by bicycle. The second pass is lower and if you are on top, there is a short road leading to a nice beach at a beautiful lagoon.
The condition of the road becomes better in the mountains and there is a large road leading to Fethiye so that you will not be troubled by the traffic.
Fethiye is a beautiful tourist resort, but it does not have beaches. If you want to be on a very attractive beach and really beautiful campground, you will have to go to Öludeniz. There will be another steep climb, but do not worry too much, because Ölüdeniz will make amends. You will have to cycle a few kilometres on the main road till the road to Ölüdeniz appears on the left hand side. Steep ride down to the beach of Ölüdeniz

The campground in Ölüdeniz is on the right hand side at the beach and lagoon.

09.06 (Thursday)
Öludeniz – Patara, 90 km
At first you will have to take the road from yesterday back to Fethiye. If you do not want to do this, there is a road from Ölüdeniz leading from the coast through the mountains to the main road  going south. If you should chose that road, you will avoid the boring main road. But in any case you will have to use the highway leading south sooner or later. Pay attention that you do not miss the old country road leading to Kinik. Whereas the highway goes on straight, the country road winds up and down through fertile farm land and touches small villages now and then.
You can visit the ancient place of Xanthos near Kinik.

10km after Kinik a road  at the right leads to Patara. It is a small village; the beach is gorgeous – 20km of fine sand, nearly no people. But you will have to stay at Patara, because the beach is a natural reserve and you will have to pay an entrance fee. Enjoy the beach and the ancient city of Patara.

09.07 (Friday)
Patara – Kale, 100 km
There is a low mountain pass a few kilometres south of Patara leading to Kalkan and the coast road.
1. Alternative
First part: Patara – Kalkan – Elmali (110km)
You can leave the coast road at Kalkan to go into the mountains to Gömbe – Elmali – Korkuteli – Antalya. This road is rather demanding. At first you have to climb 900m from the coast to the top of the coastal mountains, then you have cross a plateau (typical of Turkish mountains) to another mountain pass which will be again followed by a plateau. From that plateau you have to climb up to 1550m and then the road winds down to Gömbe (an nice Alpine resort) and runs flat to Elmali through endless apple plantations (Elmali = apple town)

Second part: Elmali – Korkuteli – Antalya (120km)
The road from Elmali to Korkuteli goes up into the mountains onto a mountain pass (1350m) a few kilometres before Korkuteli. There will be two lower mountain passes on the road between Korkuteli and Antalya. The last 40km to Antalya the road goes down, down, down.
The condition of the roads is good; nearly no traffic except the on the road from Korkuteli to Antalya (which is the main road from Bodrum and Denizli to Antalya).
2. Alternative
First part: Patara – Kalkan – Kas – Gömbe (110km)
Take the coastal road from Kalkan to Kas with some ups and downs and turn into the mountains in Kas. The climb of the coastal mountains – about 900m. If you are behind the top, do not follow the main road, but turn left to Kasaba – Kemerköv – Gömbe. You cross a beautiful valley and slow climb into the mountains for about 20km till you reach the top of the mountain pass. Then it is a joyful ride down to Gömbe.
Second part. Gömbe – Elmali – Korkuteli (90 km)
see above
Third part: Korkuteli – Antalya (60km)
see above
3. Alternative
If you have climbed the coastal mountains at Kas and are cycling on the plateau, there is a road at the right leading to Kekova Adasi. The road runs through the beautiful coastal mountains and ends on the main road to Kale. The road is not in good condition, but there is nearly no traffic and you can use it by bike easily.
Direct road between Patara and Kale:

If you stay on the coastal road, you will only have to climb the mountains at Kas and then you will be on a plateau with ups and downs till you will ride down onto the coastal plains of Kale. Do not miss the ancient place of Myra near Kale.

09.08 (Saturday)
Kale – Cirali, 90 km

Follow the beautiful coastal road and make use of the opportunities to take a swim! The road is good and there is not much traffic. An easy ride. The main road climbs into the mountains east of Kumluca and then goes slowly downwards. You can either turn right to Olympos (an old hippie place at the sea which still pretends to be hip), or you can take the next right turn, which directly leads you to Cirali. The route from Ciraly to Olympos it is an open „garden“ scenery in the large baytrees and flowers. Maybe someone else would prefer Olympos. Pebble beach at both places.


1. There is a road through the mountains from Finike to Gömbe.

2. There is a road at Kumluca leading onto the promontory to Mavikent, Cavus, Olympos, Cirali.

09.09 (Sunday)
rest day

09.10 (Monday)
Cirali – Antalya, 90 km

An easy ride on the coastal road, because at first the main road leads down to Kemer, a modern tourist resort. The nearer you approach Antalya, the more traffic will there be. Be Cautious, especially in the tunnels. You can avoid the main road for a short part if you pass through Belbek.

09.11 (Tuesday)
Antalya – Side, 80 km

Leave Antalya in the direction of the airport (Havalimani) and Manavgat. You will have to use the highway – heavy traffic! The only chance to avoid the terrible traffic is to go by bus or to go on an early Sunday morning. There are two magnificent attractions on the way – the ancient cirties of Perge and Aspendos; both are near to the main road and both can be easily reached by bicycle. Side is another famous ancient place at the sea.

09.12 (Wednesday)
Side – Alanya, 70 km
You will have to follow the coastal road with its dense traffic.

09.13 (Thursday)
12:00 – ferry to Cyprus

We could make some changes in the route but dates for ferries are fixed. People in Cyprus are waiting and preparing a route for us.