Augustów – Vilnius – Riga – Augustów

More then 70 people from 5 countries joined and cycled the distance of 2000 km.

This year we go back to the real sources of BaltiCCycle – we will cycle through Lithuania and Latvia! In one month we will make a round trip starting and finishing in Augustów, north of Poland. We will head towards Vilnius passing through beatiful lakes area, passing via Druskiennikai resort, visitng Trokai castle, finally arriving to Vilnius. Before we reach Riga we will cycle through National Parks area in Anyksciai/Moletai region. After 2 days of rest and sightseeing in Riga we will cycle through Kuronian region finally reaching the Baltic sea, where will will spend more then one week – just right for sunbathing on a beach! Last week will take us back to picturesque landscape full of lakes – Suvalki region. We will arriva back in Augustow on July 26th and at farewell party finish our expedition.