Odessa – Odessa

Around Crimea

BaltiCCycle 2009

12 lipca – 20 sierpnia

07.12 Odessa – 07.14 Nikolayev – 07.21 Bakhchisarai – 07.24-25 Sevastopol – 07.29-30 Yalta – 08.04 Sudak – 08.07-08 Kerch – 08.10-12 the Arbatska Split – 08.15-16 Kerson – 08.18-20 Odessa

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Alison’s reports


We all like Seas and cycling around them. In 2006 we cycled around the Baltic Sea. In the last few years we have been closing a circle around the Black Sea: we rode from the Danube delta to Odessa in 2005, a year later we travelled from Constanca to Istanbul, and the last year we explored the coast from Istanbul to Batumi. This year we offer the route around Crimea, which we will start in Odessa where the BaltiCCycle 2005 expedition from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea has ended, and we will finish it… also in Odessa sailing down the Dnepr River from Kherson.

This year’s expedition is a bit different… it will be less challenging (however we will have sometimes 100 km daily route to ride), but more touristic. It is because of the region we are going to. We have more shorter cycling days in the schedule as not to stop too often for the rest-days. It’s impossible to stay without sightseeing in Crimea! Visiting ancient cave-towns, monasteries and fortresses, climbing up Chatyr-Dag, Ai-Petri and Aju-Dag is something you must do, as well as getting wet in the ‘Youth Bath’ in the Crimea Grand Canyon, exploring caves, watching waterfalls, sailing, tasting famous wines, champagnes and cognacs. We can’t reach all the destinations on bikes, so we have to do it on foot.

While cycling around Crimea we will see the Azov Sea – a new one for us. We will ride along the Arbatzka Strelka, the narrow spit, over 100 km long piece of land, which separates the Azov Sea from the Sivash Lake. This is a national park.

Crimea – it is not only beaches and touristic resorts such as famous Yalta, but thousands of years of history with its multicultural past, variety of religions and nations. It’s something we like! Plus the sun, the sea, the steppe, the mountains and unforgettable views… Join us for a month, a week, even for a day…