Quedlinburg – Vilnius

to celebrate 1000 years of Lithuania

BaltiCCycle 2009

05.30 – 07.06
Quedlinburg 05.30 – Dresden 06.06 – Poznań 06.16 – Toruń 06.18-19 – Olsztyn 06.23 – Kaunas 07.02 – Vilnius 07.06

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Alison’s reports

 Photo Hyde Park


The name of Lithuania was first mentioned in Germany, in Annals of Quedlinburg, when describing St. Bruno’s Christian mission: “Sanctus Bruno, qui cognominantur Bonifacius, archiepiscopus et monachus, XI suae conversionis anno in confinio Rusciae et Lituae a paganis capite plexus, cum suis XVIII, VII. Id. Martii petiit coelos.”  [“St. Bruno, an archbishop and monk, who was called Boniface, was struck in the head by Pagans during the 11th year of his conversion at the border of Rus and Lithuania, and along with 18 of his followers, entered heaven on March 9th.”] We will travel from Germany to Lithuania  through the lands rich by cultural heritage. Here empires were founding and collapsing, towns flourishing and falling, and the borders of states continually changing. During hundreds of years the cultural landscapes were developing, and the roads blazing, on which the Christian culture was penetrating to the east. The bicycle route will take us through ancient towns, castles and palaces, churches and battle-fields reminding important moments of thousand-year history.

Click here for the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites on our route.