2010.07.24 – 2010.09.08

If you are not able to obtain visa by yourself in your country ask for a help from us. The disadvantage is that you have to inform us and send your applications really in advance. The deadline for receiving visa applications: 2010.05.14.

Under these circumstances please mark the required visas in the registration form. We will send you by email application forms and a form of authorization to the person who will apply in your name. Fill and sign forms and send them with your passport and other documents to:

CROTOS Travellers’ Association
(Stowarzyszenie Podróżników CROTOS)
6-57, Sobieskiego st.
00-954 Warsaw

Deadline: 2010.05.14. The set of required documents depends on the country you apply, so please make sure to receive a confirmation from us before sending documents to CROTOS.

Citizens of the European Union, USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, and Switzerland don’t need visa.

We need tourist visa for 21 days. It is possible to get it on the border or in the airport in Yerevan (10 USD). It costs 12 Euro in the Armenian Embassy in Warsaw, and it takes 7 days (they need filled application form, passport, photo and payment). For people under 18 years old for free.


Note: Better not to have Israel visa or any Israel stamp in passport.
We need transit visa, which is valid 7 days and costs 30 Euro.
Required documents:


For climbing to Ararat a normal tourist visa obtained on the border for 15 Euro or 20 USD is not valid. You need a special visa which costs in the Turkish Embassy in Warsaw 50 USD (permission to climb) + 250 PLN. It takes at least 8 weeks to get such visa. Required documents:

Turkiye Dagcilik Federasyonu
Vakiflar Bankasi
Kod SWIFT: TR007018
Ankara Anafartalar Subesi, Sube Kodu 065
ABD dolari hesabi 4019521.

Visa payment:

Armenia – 12 Euro
Iran – 30 Euro

Fee for visas or permit assistance – 15 Euro.