Day in USDay of the tripDateDay of weekKmFrom – to
15904.25Wrest day, visiting Los Angeles
26004.26Threst day, visiting Los Angeles
36104.27F72Los Angeles – Santa Clarita
46204.28Sa75Santa Clarita – Rosamond
56304.29S115Rosamond – Randsburg
66404.30M75Randsburg – Homewood Canyon Road
76505.01Tu93Homewood Canyon Road – Panamint Springs
86605.02W50Panamint Springs – Furnace Creek
96705.03Threst day, visiting Death Valley National Park sights
106805.04F119Furnace Creek – Shoshone
116905.05Sa97Shoshone – Sandy Valley
127005.06S71Sandy Valley – Las Vegas
137105.07Mrest day, visiting Las Vegas
147205.08Tu83Las Vegas – Temple Bar Road
157305.09W96Temple Bar Road – Kingman
167405.10Th80Kingman – Peach Springs
177505.11F93Peach Springs – Camp 5 Road
187605.12Sa95Camp 5 Road – Grand Canyon
197705.13Srest day, visiting Grand Canyon National Park sights
207805.14Mrest day, visiting Grand Canyon National Park sights
217905.15Tu89Grand Canyon – Cameron
228005.16W104Cameron – Road No 98
238105.17Th90Road No 98 – Monument Valley
248205.18F74Monument Valley – Bluff
258305.19Sa57Bluff – Ismay Trading Post
268405.20S70Ismay Trading Post – Mesa Verde National Park
278505.21Mrest day, visiting the Mesa Verde National Park
288605.22Tu81Mesa Verde National Park – Priest Gulch Campground
298705.23W64Priest Gulch Campground – Telluride
308805.24Th102Telluride – Montrose
318905.25F30Montrose – Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park
329005.26Sa73Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park – Elk Creek
339105.27Srest day
349205.28M76Elk Creek – Sargents
359305.29Tu90Sargents – Cotopaxi
369405.30W118Cotopaxi – Pueblo
379505.31Th85Pueblo – Ordway
389606.01F108Ordway – Eads
399706.02Sa92Eads – Tribune
409806.03Srest day
419906.04M113Tribune – Dighton
4210006.05Tu103Dighton – Rush Centre
4310106.06W97Rush Centrte – Hudson
4410206.07Th91Hudson – Buhler
4510306.08F112Buhler – Cassoday
4610406.09Sa92Cassoday – Toronto
4710506.10Srest day
4810606.11M104Toronto – Walnut
4910706.12Tu108Walnut – Girard – Golden City
5010806.13W107Golden City – Fair Grove
5110906.14Th68Fair Grove – Hartville
5211006.15F75Hartville – Yukon
5311106.16Sa96Yukon – Ellington
5411206.17S91Ellington – St. Joe State Park
5511306.18Mrest day in St. Joe State Park
5611406.19Tu90St. Joe State Park – Chester
5711506.20W93Chester – Hidden Bay
5811606.21Th93Hidden Bay – Golconda
5911706.22F42Golconda – Cave-In-Rock State Park
6011806.23Sa89Cave-In-Rock State Park – Sebree
6111906.24S118Sebree – Rough River Dam State Resort Park
6212006.25Mrest day in Rough River Dam State Resort Park
6312106.26Tu90Rough River Dam State Resort Park – Hodgenville
6412206.27W99Hodgenville – Linkoln Homestead State Park
6512306.28Th56Linkoln Homestead State Park – Herrington Lake
6612406.29F63Herrington Lake – Berea
6712506.30Sa78Berea – Booneville
6812607.01Srest day
6912707.02M102Booneville – Hazard – Hindman
7012807.03Tu80Hindman – Lookout
7112907.04W70Lookout – Council
7213007.05Th82Council – Damascus
7313107.06F71Damascus – Rural Retreat Lake
7413207.07Sa110Rural Retreat Lake – Christiansburg
7513307.08Srest day
7613407.09M75Christiansburg – Troutville
7713507.10Tu102Troutville  – Vesuvius
7813607.11W76Vesuvius – White Hall
7913707.12Th116White Hall – Mineral
8013807.13F85Mineral – Fredericksburg Campground
8113907.14Sa92Fredericksburg Campground – Independent Hill
8214007.15S76Independent Hill – Washington DC
8314107.16Mrest day
8414207.17Turest day
8514307.18Wrest day
8614407.19Thflight to Shannon (Ireland)