The Baikal Circle gathered the smallest number of participants in the BC history – 20 registered but only 14 arrived to the start in Irkutsk. All of them cycled the whole route. One more factor made it unique – no any punctures! We rented three cars: Dima drove one day, Edvinas 5 days, and Carlo 2 weeks.

We had participants from 5 countries: 5 from Lithuania, 4 from Poland, 2 from Germany, 1 from New Zealand, 1 from Scotland, and 1 from Great Britain/Lithuania. Women – 6, men – 8.

The expedition took 23 days. We cycled 1007 km and hiked 77 km. We climbed Chersky Peak (2090 m) in 2 days. Additionally, on our way we used 5 times water transport (ferries, boats, ships etc.) and enjoyed 89 km of  famous Circum-Baikal Railway.