However BC 2013 “The Relief Expedition to Vienna did not attract so many participants as in BC 2003 (more than 150), but we had 82! They were from 8 countries: Poland – 45, Lithuania – 14, Germany – 9, Austria and Ireland – per 4, Scotland and Wales – per 1, Lithuanian-French couple with 2 years old son (the youngest participant!) and one Lithuanian from Poland.

The Lithuanian part of the route was the most popular – upon 50 participants. The group was becoming smaller and smaller to be the smallest in Austria – 17 people. People joined us for one day, for weekends, a few cycled following our route, but in their rhythm, sleeping out of camps, taking trains, taxies etc. – full freedom. Some shortened their travel, others prolonged – the record of prolonging keeps Monica and Erich, they registered as shy debutants for a week and cycled up to the end in Salzburg! Seven participants made the whole route (39 days, ~2640 km), among them the oldest one – 78 years old.

One third of participants were debutants! We hope they will return to BC again.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather almost over the whole route. Sicknesses attacked us in Cracow, then some accidents; a few people visited hospitals and returned home earlier than they planned. One can say the expedition went as usually… but there was one novelty. The first time in BC history we had a cook! Gintas, our driver, served breakfasts and suppers. His meals were very popular but anyway some people lost some kilos…