BaltiCCycle 2015 “Rolling Trolls”

Faroe Islands: July 5 – 9
Iceland: July 10 – August 12

~213 km + ~1732 km

Map (The Faroe Islands) | Map (Iceland)Route | Conditions of Participation


Photo Hyde Park


The change of seasons this year. After a sunny and warm trip to Morocco in February you can expect chilly summer with winds blowing in all directions. However you shouldn’t feel discouraged after the rainy training in the allegedly cloudless and scorching Balkans last summer. As a reward for your dedication you might anticipate the fabulous views of volcanic fields, glacier tongues, huge waterfalls, geysers, seaside cliffs and black beaches.

We are inviting you to visit a unique island which will definitely have a lasting impression on you. We will set off in the middle of July and in a month we will cycle around the south – eastern part of the island and the northern one as well. The return way is chosen to go through wild, isolated Highlands.
We will begin the trip with a pleasant bath in Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik and then we will look for more charming spots to see. The south of the island offers marvelous waterfalls and glacier tongues in Skaftafell National Park, strolls along black beaches and also the views of ice lagoon Jokulsarlon, where among huge ice floes in blue water seals swim. The eastern wilderness means paths along fjords with views to fishing villages hidden in the shadow of steep slopes. Our enthusiasm will reach its zenith in northern Iceland where Dettifoss – the most powerful waterfall in Europe is located, as well as Myvatn lake – one of the prettiest places in Iceland and Husavik, a lovely port town offering a great opportunity to commune with whales. On our map there is also Akuyeri regarded as the capital of northern Iceland, where in summer it’s so green and sunny that it is possible to forget that you stay in the far North. Akuyeri will become a turning point on our route because from that place our return way will begin – through the most challenging terrain the Highlands that is isolated, desert but guaranteeing the most spectacular views. And the whole expedition will end with a triumphal entry to the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik.