The “Rolling Trolls” expedition engaged 24 participants: 14 Lithuanians, 5 Poles, 2 Americans, 2 Irish and 1 Scottish; 15 men and 9 women. The youngest was 15 years old, and the oldest 71. We had 2 new participants, and 10 veterans with more than 100 days of the BC experience. Our wheels circled 113 km on Faroe, and 2072 km on Iceland roads but only 6 participants cycled in both countries.

The weather and geographical conditions made the expedition hard (approximate temperature ~10C). But almost no punctures and bike damages. Some cuts and colds, any victims.

We enjoyed the route, and everybody admitted the overpowering beauty of primeval nature. Numerous waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, geysers, canyons and lava fields with mats of moss, lagoons with thousands of swans, sea birds, funny puffins, not speaking about long-wool sheep, purebred horses, or watching seals and whales – the passing scenery was catching our breath with every turn of road. The beauty of nature was blossoming in glare of the sun, unfortunately not often this summer in Iceland. Though many of us regularly missed more summer Celsius degrees and a lack of beer but winds and rains didn’t prevent completion of every day’s distance as well as the whole route. Nobody gave up, and we think that specificity of country left an unforgettable imprint in every mind. Specially taste of fresh fishes catching every day and eat as a soup or fillet.