BaltiCCycle 2015 – One Eye To Morocco

February 15  – March 8
~1245 km

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Photo Hyde Park



We think that all participants of the previous journey around Canary Islands enjoyed changing the northern European winter into the sunny summer. Therefore, in order to continue “winter cycling”, we plan in February 2015, a ride to sunny Morocco.

During the ride we will touch Morocco history from the ancient to the colonial times, when the country was ruled and admired by the French and the Spanish. You will have an opportunity to feel the tastes and smells of Maghreb. We will also visit one of the most romantic ports of the world – Casablanca and the royal capitals Rabat, Fes and Marrakech. We will wander in maze streets of medinas, and enjoy cycling through mountains and deserts. But not so many mountains as you can expect. The highest climb up to 1 km will be at the end of travel.

The journey will start in the northern Morocco, Tangier city. Then we will cycle through small mountains and reach the city of Fes in a few days. Here we will have a day off and will be able to admire the world’s largest and maziest Old Town. You will smell Chouwara tanneries. After the stay in Fes we will move towards the Atlantic coast, capital Rabat. Along the way we will visit Meknes – one of the most imperial cities. We will have one day off in the capital. After a rest we will head towards Essaouira, admiring the ocean coast. Along the way we will visit Casablanca. Moving from Essaouira to Marrakech, we will reach the finish of our journey.

Flight to Tangier and Marrakech by Ryanair airlines.

Ride coordinators: Edvinas Kudrevičius and Rolandas Liutika