Trinidad & Tobago. Citizens of the following countries do not require visas – open the list here.

Venezuela. Citizens of the EU countries do not need visas. They have to apply for the tourist card DEX-2 filling the form on the plane or boat board, crossing the border. It is for free, valid 90 days, one entry. Venezuela tourist visa is required for example for citizens of United States. More info you can find here.

Brazil. If you are going to visit Brazil on tourism, you do not need a visa if you have a passport from one of the following countries – open the list here. Exemptions are valid for one stay up to 90 days (180 days in year if a few stays), for the prolongation you can apply in Brazil in the Policia Federal (10 USD), at least 10 day before the end of 90 days stay. But only citizens of Portugal and Poland can prolong in such way, other nationals must pay for every day and negotiate it with the Policia Federal. Entering Brazil you receive a special card, you must keep it till you’re leaving.

Guyana. Countries whose nationals do not require visas to enter Guyana – open the list here. Others (for example some of the EU countries) must apply for a tourist visa (single entry) – €35.00 valid for 3 months sending passport via registered mail to Guyana embassies in Brussels, London or Caracas.
For example:
The Embassy of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana
Boulevard Brand Whitlock 114
1200 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 675 6216, fax: +32 2 672 5598,
The completed application form in three copies, with passport-sized photographs, must be accompanied by:

There is an additional charge of €10.00 which is the cost of return postage via registered mail. You can either enclose the cash in the envelope with your passport and other documents or make a transfer (preferred option) into the Embassy’s account:

Embassy of Guyana

IBAN BE67 3101 0073 4687

ING Bank
Agence Meudon.

Processing time can take up to one (1) week, and visas are valid from date of issue for three (3) months. Therefore, for travel to Guyana 2016.03.25 – 04.08 you may consider submitting applications in January.

Suriname. Visa documents:

Send the documents to After favorable consideration, the originals of the above should be submitted at the Consulate in person, by (secure) mail or courier. Payment can be effectuated after alignment with the Consulate, by bank transfer or at the Consulate (credit cards are not accepted).

Address of The Consulate of Suriname:

De Cuserstraat 11
1081 CK

French Guyana. Visas are not required by the nationals of Australia, European Union, Canada, and USA for touristic stays of up to 90 days, providing they hold a return tickets. Nationals not referred to these countries are advised to contact the French embassy to check visa requirements for French Guyana.