It was unexpected enjoyable surprise to cycle through South Vietnam and Cambodia. We were surprised by people’s sincerity, fabulous weather and… the internet everywhere, wherever you are. It was an easy ride with only one real 1.5 km high mountain, where the resort town of Dalat settled on the top. At the end of the trip, the route lasted for a week along the shores of the South China Sea with sandy beaches and strong winds to the back. Therefore, the 65-70 km day distances we could overpass within a few hours easily.

Have we had any bad surprises? Yes, we had. The biggest turmoil was due to the accompanying transport. After a few months of talking with one rental company, it turned out that this company asked on arrival for a price of 3 times higher than we had agreed and made a deposit. The unpleasant conversation with the company’s representative took place in the evening before the start of the ride tomorrow morning. Fortunately, the hostess of Saigon’s hostel came to our aid and found a truck with a driver, but only for Vietnam. Here we would like to thank all ride participants for agreeing to the changed condition: there will be no accompanying car in Cambodia, but we do not need tents, sleeping bags, mattresses and many other things, because we will only sleep in the hotels. The hotels were also equipped with air conditioning and wi-fi!! In Cambodia, children from first grades begin to learn English; the state is trying to promote tourism with all means, while Angkor Wat and the capital of Phnom Penh are catching up with tourists and cash flows. Here’s Cambodia.

Returning to Vietnam, the same driver with our items met us on the border. Since the driver spoke only Vietnamese, we talked to him by calling to our hostess in Saigon.

Due to unexpected personal circumstances, 3 participants had to cancel the ride earlier, and the last 2 weeks, first time in the BaltiCCycle history, the group consisted only of Lithuanians. The route attracted 18 people (only 4 women), 8 made the whole distance. In 27 days (12.02 – 10.03) they cycled 1600 km.

All will confirm – Vietnam and Cambodia are truly a great place to travel today!