Madagascar – day by day

to the Kingdom of Baobabs and Lemurs

Ride dayDateWeek dayKmRoute
STAGE I – 12 days
230.06SnWelcome. Visiting Antananarivo (Tana)
301.07M85Antananarivo (Tana) – Miarinarivo
402.07Tu53Miarinarivo – Soavinandriana
503.07W76Soavinandriana – the Natura Park Faratsiho
604.07Th59the Natura Park Faratsiho – Antsirabe
705.07F105Antsirabe – Mandoto
806.07St113Mandoto – Miandrivazo
907.07SuRest day
10-1208-10.07M-WMiandrivazo – Belo sur Tsiribihina (by boats down the river)
STAGE II – 11 days
1311.07Th99Belo sur Tsiribihina – Morondava
14-1512-13.07F-StMorondava – the National Park Kirindy Mitea – Belo sur Mer (by boat or car)
1614.07Sn106Belo sur Mer – Manja
1715.07M62Manja – Ankiliabo
1816.07T95Ankiliabo – Morombe
1917.07W50Morombe – Laguna Blu Resort
2018.07Th59Laguna Blu Resort – Salary Bay
2119.07F51Salary Bay – Manambo
2220.07St56Manambo – Tulear
2321.07SnRest day (excursion to the National Park Tsimanampetsotsa)
STAGE III – 10 dni
2422.07M68Tulear – Andranovory
2523.07Tu80Andranovory – Zombitse – the National Park Vohibasia
2624.07W78the National Park Vohibasia – the National Park Isalo
2725.07ThRest day (excursion to ational Park Isalo)
2826.07F93the National Park Isalo – Ihosy
2927.07St73Ihosy – Mahasoa Sud
3028.08Sn56Mahasoa Sud – the Anja Reserve
3129.07M66the Anja Rezerve – Fianarantsoa
3230.07Tu62Fianarantsoa – Ranomafana
3331.07WRest day (excursion to National Park Ranomafana)
Stage IV – 10 dni
3401.08Th106Ifanadiana – Mananjary
3502.08F106Mananjary – Nosy Varika
3603.08St75Nosy Varika – Salehy
3704.08Sn80Salehy – Vatomandry
3805.08M64Vatomandry – Ranomafana
3906.08Tu79Ranomafana – ational Park Andasibe-Mantadia
4007.08WRest day
4108.08Th74the National Park Andasibe-Mantadia – the Peyrieras Reserve
4209.08F67the Peyrieras Reserve – Antananarivo (Tana)