BC 2012

From Bejing to London

The 3rd Olympic Expedition

under patronage of the Polish Olympic Committee
and media patronage of magazines  “National Geographic. Traveller”

Beijing 02.27 – Seoul  03.16-18  – Tokyo 04.21-23 – Washington  07.18-19 – Dublin 07.26 – Cardiff 08.02-03 – London 08.10-12

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Reunion meeting

The year 2012 is Olympic Year, and we decided again to support the ancient idea of Olympic Games cycling to the hosting games country. In 2004 we cycled from North Cape to Olympia, in 2008 from Olympia to Beijing, this time our route will connect Beijing with London. We want to continue the direction of BC2008 Silk Road route heading from West to East. To reach Britain by land in this direction it is impossible, and we have to fly over two oceans – Pacific and Atlantic. Nevertheless the whole cycling distance exceeds 13 000 km, and we have to start at the end of February to enter Britain on July 27 – the Opening Day of Olympics, and finish the route after 168 days on August 12, the Closing Day.
At the beginning of the ride in China the temperatures will be rather low though above 0C. Korea and Japan will meet us with cherry and magnolia blossom. In United Sates we will cycle through very different regions – for example the Great Canyon – sometimes suffering of extreme heat. The major part in US will go on on the famous Transamerica Bike Trail. Ireland will refresh us with often rains, and entering Britain will be imprinted by Olympic atmosphere.
We are working now on details of the route trying to include most interesting sights. We will reach the eastern end of the Great Wall in China and have a look at the North Korea. We are going to visit Folk Korean Villages and the greatest Asian fish market in Busan. We would like to climb the Mount Fuji, but we will in Japan out of climbing season, so it will depend on the weather conditions. Our route leads through all capitals of countries we enter: Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Washington, Dublin, Cardiff, London.

Coordinators of the ride: Sigitas Kučas (Lithuania), bc2012@bicycle.lt, Maryla Zielińska (Poland), bc2012@bicycle.pl, +48 663 266 553.